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  • 2015
  • Prinsenkwartier, Delft
  • Interactive Design
  • n/a
  • Interactive Design, Arduino, Light
  • Eldin Fajkovic, Mick van Rooijen, Oana Anghelache, Bronius Razgus

The environment exists of many invisible layers, which in collaboration constitute the ambiance of an atmosphere. These layers are usually not perceivable by our vision and tend to focus on our other senses. As our vision is in a constantly overwhelmed state, our other senses tend not to dwell on our conscious mind at all times. Translating the invisible layer of our environment, the sound level, and make them perceivable by our more dominant sense, our vision, is the main task of bLUME.
The act of translating sound to vision gives bLUME a charachter of its own. The rather shy looking lamp tends to open up in its crisp blue colour when the volume from the environment is on a low level. With a gradual increase of environmental sound input, the lamp starts changing its colour, from green, to yellow, and eventually deep red. Simultaneously bLUME closes its arms in shyness of the overwhelming environmental sound, waiting for the silence to yet again bloom in its crisp blue colour.
This prototype is developed from a perspective of personal researching and interest in the development of interactive environments, with the choice to take an already existing environmental layer (sound) and project it as an overlaying environmental layer (vision), through the use of a responsive object, which tends to communicate on an emotive level.