• Year
  • Location
  • What
  • Size
  • Category

  • how
  • Team
  • 2012
  • Katoenveem, Rotterdam
  • Public Building
  • 300 sqm
  • Vertical Design, Route-based concept, Interactive Restaurant
  • Eldin Fajkovic

Gamers are people who spend most of their time indoors, behind screens, eating pizza and drinking soda, right? Not quite! Gamers are part of a sub-culture, consisting of even smaller sub-cultures, in need of a physical place to meet. This is the starting-point of the concept of GameCity. The Minecraft Restaurant, as part of the GameCity concept, aims for a playful focus towards the theoretical and practical knowledge on food-harvesting and consumption.

‘Game City‘, a conceptbuilding for gamers, game-developers and game sellers. A group of 15 students collaborated in a design, where an existing harbor-building was distributed in a barcode-like way, from where the students filled up their obtained space in a vertical manner. ‘Minecraft Restaurant‘ is a concept which is born during the project of Game City. The ‘Minecraft Restaurant‘ obtained it´s concept from´Minecraft´, a populair sandboxgame, where exploring, creating, mining and consuming play a key-role. The ‘Minecraft Restaurant‘ gives customers the chance to grow their own food, which (especially for gamers) can have a positive effect on the awareness of food consumed.