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  • 2021
  • Schieweg 15, Delft
  • CNC, Architecture
  • 1500 m2
  • Box-in-Box, CNC, Timber, Circular
  • Respace: Eldin Fajkovic, Mauricio Polo (icw NoArch, Kondor Wessels Vastgoed, Hout van Morgen

The area around the former Cable Factory in Delft is being transformed into a new neighborhood with approximately three thousand homes. Central to the plan for the Cable District is the old Dutch Cable Factory itself, which is partially being preserved in this transformation. As a first step, by means of place-making, two of its halls are being transformed into a creative hub for knowledge-intensive and creative small companies. Using the Respace Box-in-Box system, the idea of this temporary project could be realised: A fully CNC-milled puzzle which after 10 years can be demounted and reused again. New CNC-milled innovations within the Respace system can be found in this project, such as the screw-less andreas-crosses in between the subbeams, which reduce the amount of vibration in the floor. Also the use of extremely thin (21mm) and high (600mm) beams push the system towards a 'less material - more value' concept, also reducing the amount of screws needed in assembly.