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  • 2015
  • Welcome to the Village Festival, Friesland, the Netherlands
  • Sustainable Housing
  • 30sqm
  • Sustainability, Innovation on Location, Festival, Cultural Capital, Wood
  • D-EXTO (summerschool), ALB Surroundings

Sustainable innovation can be created in a very efficient way through collaboration between scientists, techies, entrepreneurs, artists and public in a creative environment. DORP is a project which sees opportunity for this collaboration, aiming for sustainable solutions, regarding the 'Welcome to the Village' festival in Friesland. The main vision is if smart ideas can make a festival, a mini-society, more sustainable, than it can also improve the world on a bigger scale.
Nest is one of the projects which emerged from the collaboration between people from different backgrounds. As Leeuwarden will be the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018, the city is expecting millions of visitors that year. Lodging that ammount of people for a short period of time requires a sustainable solution, which does not destruct the environment, leaves garbage or costs an awful lot of money.
The wooden beams, which is the only material used in the nest, are placed according a system, which clamps them to eachother and the wooden trees, which act as natural columns. Tools were used as little as possible, so the beams could be restored after the festival in their original form. Screws were used only if necessary and the saw was used merely for safety-reasons.