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  • 2016-2020
  • Various (Netherlands)
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  • Modular, Timber, CNC, Circular
  • Sustainer Homes

The construction industry is responsible for 1/3rd of the global CO2 emmision. Sustainer Homes has been founded to show it can be done differently. The main goal is to make sustainable architecture accessible to a wide audience, where Energy-neutral and comfortable living are at center, with possibilies going from stand-alone villa's to highrise.' Within Sustainer Homes I worked on the development of the fully circular, CNC-milled modular building system.

The building system makes use of only the most sustainable materials, mostly timber from sustainable European forests which function as a carbon-sink. Besides a fully engineerd and demountable CNC-milled building system, I also worked on the parametric design-process which is used to speed up the design-phase and elevate the production and logisitics during the realisation phase of the projects. By supporting the design system with corresponding software, the scalability and impact can be maximised, which is mostly important in a world where 1/3rd of the CO2 impact comes from the built environment. Text 2