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  • 2018
  • N/A
  • Furniture
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  • CNC, Timber, Furniture
  • Eldin Fajkovic

Weid is a furniture line which focusses on the material-purity and the CNC-milling technique. The line consists of 2 table types, a normal desk-type and a standingdesk-type. These are accompanied by the stools, which also come in various sizes. The designs are parametric, meaning they can be adjusted in height, width and lenght during the design-process and milled accordingly. The Shape of the tabletop is also adjustable in shape according to desire.

Using sustainable birch plywood a game is being played between the clean plate-surface and the layerd edges. Other materials are kept out of the design to sustain the purity within the plywood material itself. The CNC-connections are engineerd to be invisble as to not distract from this game.